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UL certifies Samsung’s Full HD AMOLED Display

SamsungGalaxy S4 design is better?. Read more ... »’s one more technologies have acquired the Underwriters Laboratories’ certification. The American organization provides certified Samsung’s 4.99-inch full HD AMOLED screen utilized in the Galaxy S4Eye Scrolling feature on the Galaxy S4. Read more ... » for its image quality. The Samsung display featuresFitbit available Galaxy S4. Read more ... » among the bestGalaxy S4 design is better?. Read more ... » color processing on the mobileIFIXIT: Galaxy S4 gets high marks. Read more ... » phone display featuring the broadest color gamut as high as 97% for the Adobe color area which can be recommended to become 30 % broader compared to common sRGB standard.

Furthermore, the screen functions much better legibility in sun light, Diamond Pixel structure, improved contrast ratio and much more.