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Samsung galaxy s4 test

SamsungSamsung galaxy s4 price in South Korea. Read more ... » has announced that its Galaxy S4Samsung Galaxy S4, with fast android. Read more ... » competition equipment will far exceed. About the meeting is successful, but not far, as our testing has shown.

Samsung does not want to catch up with his smartphoneWhich 2014 smartphone is the best for gaming?. Read more ... » GalaxyThe Galaxy S4 vs BlackBerry Z10 vs iPhone 5. Read more ... » S4Samsung Galaxy S4, out in May confirmed by the test?. Read more ... » with only the competition, but they far surpass. His powerful quad-core CPU,  a 5-inch display and a current cameraHow to set your camera to 13 megapixels.. Read more ... » to make it significantly better than the previously undisputed top devices, the One from HTCHTC One is attempting to be more successful than the Galaxy S4. Read more ... » and the Xperia ZSamsung Galaxy S4 Vs Sony Xperia Z. Read more ... » from SonySamsung Galaxy S4 Vs Sony Xperia Z. Read more ... ». Externally the Galaxy S4 differs only marginally larger displays despite of its predecessor Galaxy S3. It is above all the installed components that make up the difference. Samsung has rounded off his smartphone with many useful and less useful featuresFitbit available Galaxy S4. Read more ... ».

The currently available version of the Galaxy S4 has a quad-core Krait-300 processor that is installed in the 600 SnapdragonIFIXIT: Galaxy S4 gets high marks. Read more ... » SoC from Qualcomm. It’s the same SoC, which is also used in the HTC oneGalaxy S4 achieves the highest score ever recorded at the site Browsermark 2.0. Read more ... », in G LGThe LG Optimus G Pro steals the features of Galaxy S4. Read more ... » Optimus Pro and the Asus Padfone infinity. In the Qualcomm Krait cores installed 2 MB L2 cache. They are manufactured in 28-nanometer technology and will thus bring higher performance than conventional Cortex-A9 cores. The RAM is 2 GB.

The CPU can be clocked at up to 1.9GHz. While HTC has throttled the clock speed to 1.7 GHz, Samsung has opted for the maximum clock rate.

This also has an impact on the Geekbench 2 benchmarks: The Galaxy S4 with 3,164 points is clearly ahead of the HTC one with an average of 2,650 points. For further comparisonApple iphone 6 vs Samsung Galaxy S5 - The best comparison. Read more ... », the Sony Xperia ZGalaxy S4 achieves the highest score ever recorded at the site Browsermark 2.0. Read more ... » comes at 2,017 points, the predecessor Galaxy S3 was still at 1,756 points. In JavaScript benchmark Octane cutting with the Galaxy S4 average 2,205 points also significantly better than the HTC one with 1,925 points and the Xperia Z with 1,250 points. However, the current smartphone in Sony’s Chrome browser is the default, while on the HTC One and the Galaxy S4 back to the default web browser of AndroidSamsung Galaxy S4, with fast android. Read more ... » comes into play.

Good display, lightweight body

The GPU is an Adreno 320 that the 5-inch display delivers a 1080p resolution (1,920 x 1,080 pixels). This corresponds to a pixel density of 441 dpi, which is exactly the same as the Sony Xperia Z and the Asus Padfone infinity. There are therefore also on closer inspection no visible jaggies in the writings or icons. The graphicsGalaxy S4 Graphics: Samsung creates new graphics for its Galaxy S4. Read more ... » benchmark with GLBenchmark 2.7 EgyptSamsung galaxy s4 price in Egypt. Read more ... » 2.5 HD Off screen modus in the Galaxy S4 managed excellent 41 fps. The HTC one at 34 fps as well as behind Sony’s Xperia Z, which came to 30 fps. So far, the Asus Padfone 2 tablet without defending but with 42 fps its top position.

Samsung continues to focus on the AMOLED technology. Which provides showy appearing colors than the conventional LCDGalaxy S4 flexible screen: No flexible screen for Galaxy S4 but may be for the Galaxy Note 3. Read more ... » technology that uses, for example in the display of one HTC? With a white background, the contrast with the font on the screen of the Galaxy S4 is not quite as high as on the HTC one. The display of HTC is also a little brighter

HTC’s display shows a slight red tint. That light areas appear warmer than on the screen of Samsung’s new smartphoneSamsung galaxy S4 mini release date. Read more ... » that has a slight blue tint, depending on the viewing angle quickly becomes stronger, especially with a white background. Overall, the colors look more natural on the HTC one, but that’s a matter of taste.

Speaking of taste:

The case of the Galaxy S4 was criticized in initial tests Anglo-Saxon media. Samsung have again used too much plastic. In fact, the entire front is made ​​of Corning Gorilla Glass, in the new version 3 , which was announced at the Consumer Electronic Show CES in January 2013. The display can also be operated with conventional gloves. The frame is made of metal and rounded as opposed to S3 by the edges only. The back side and a thin edge on the front side is as before made of plastic.

Samsung used only in the back as usual plastic. Nevertheless, the case looks compared to the aluminum housing of the HTC One less dibasic. The materials also have an effect on the weight. The Galaxy S4 is about 137 grams lighter than the HTC one with 142 grams

The case of the Galaxy S4 with 137 x 70 x 7.9 mm, only a few millimeters taller and thinner than the Galaxy S3 with 135.5 x 67.9 x 8.9 mm. Thus, the larger display fits, Samsung has just rejuvenated the frame.

Average battery life, much for the web

The plastic covering the back can be removed. Below is the replaceable lithium-ion batterySamsung Galaxy S 4, improves battery life?. Read more ... » that has a rated load of 2,600 mAh and an output of 9.88 watt hours. Under full load, the battery lasted through 2.5 hours, not a particularly good value. But the longer battery life of the HTC one under full load might be due to the restricted frequency in one. Have under normal use with maximum screen brightness, active LTE and Wi-Fi connection, where we surfed constantly receive TwitterThe design of the Galaxy S4 revealed on Twitter!. Read more ... », FacebookFacebook Launches "Facebook Home" interface on the Galaxy S4. Read more ... » and e-mail messages and a few birds thrown around, filed a battery charge for about six hours. More economical user is likely to do with the Galaxy S4 a working day without recharging. The HTC one managed here an extra hour.

Next to the battery are the slots for a micro-SIM and a micro SD card. Thus, an additional 64 GB of memory can be exploited. Of the approximately 16 GB of internal memory 8 GB for the user remain.

LTE and fast wireless

With an LTE module and WLAN 802.11ac Samsung launches its smartphone on the current state, where LTE was already available in a variant of the predecessor S3. Otherwise, Samsung holds here the now established standards: 802.11a/b/g/n WLAN, NFCPayWave: Samsung Galaxy S4, a payment?. Read more ... », Bluetooth 4.0Which 2014 smartphone is the best for gaming?. Read more ... » and GPS, together with Glonass. Of course, a HSPA Modem for GSM and UMTS receiver is integrated.

The Galaxy S4 can repurpose with its infrared lamp and a universal remote control. This allows not only control TV from Samsung itself. The corresponding application WatchonSamsung Galaxy S4 Features in Details with video. Read more ... » offers an impressive selection of devices from different manufacturers. The list fetches the application from a server for initial configuration so an Internet connection is required. It worked easily with a TV from Philips and Samsung. Also DVD and Blu-ray player or set-top boxes to be so configured. Additionally displays the selected application programs which the user can select and launch automatically. At least with the DVB-T channels list worked that well.

The only speaker was placed on the back of Samsung. If the device is held in the hand, fray the high notes. Is it on the table, the sound is not quite as belching, but still missing the bass. That this is better, HTC shows with the One. There we have seen so far the bestWhich 2014 smartphone is the best for gaming?. Read more ... » sound from a smartphone.

Great camera:

The cameras of the Galaxy S4, however, are outstanding. The front is a 2 megapixel camera for videoApple iphone 6 vs Samsung Galaxy S5 - The best comparison. Read more ... » calling. The image sensor of the rear camera has 13 megapixels. Pictures taken in daylight have strong contrasts. The shooting in low light show hardly any noise, even when the camera automatically sets the ISO to 1000 to capture the minimal ambient light. The flash is strong, so the photos have added natural colors. The video camera has a slow motion and a function for recording rapid movements. The there is also the Sony Xperia Z. Smart PauseWhat you should know about the Galaxy S4. Read more ... » suspends video playback, when the eyes are averted from the smartphone. Both cameras can be used simultaneously, for example, take a photo and at the same time integrate a snapshot of the photographer in the original image, in the form of a stamp, a circle or cube.

Control by nod

On Samsung’s new Android smartphone in the current version 4.2.2 along with TouchwizWhat you should know about the Galaxy S4. Read more ... » interface and numerous Samsung extensions, such as the multi-window mode runs. So that two applications can be placed side by side on the screen. Which apps can be displayed together on the screen, displays the Quick Launch bar located on either side – also called buddy list. You can leave a tab. There, an application must first be started. Thereafter, the second application can be drawn from the list in the upper or lower edge and placed next to it.

With the so-called eye tracking, the Samsung on the Galaxy S4 starts for the first time, to allow scrolling by eye movement, for example, in the browser. Not entirely true, it is primarily the head movement registered. The face or the eye is detected by the front camera. We could for example trick with dolls, stuffed animals, and even photos of the faces eye tracking. Everything has eyes almost works. We tended a photo up, it also solved the scrolling of the default browser. In the Chrome browser, which we subsequently installed, did not work that. Even in the default browser we could not use the eye control, if it was started in two screen mode.

The face must be no more than about 30 inches away from the smartphone. This should also prevent a second face triggers the action happen. The movements are recorded by two sensors placed to the left and right of the phone speaker. If the device detects a suitable control for the eyes face, an eye icon appears on the screen. This is annoying at first, but disappears immediately and can be turned off in the options.

Since the head movement plays a crucial role, the user must be the main slightly upwards or downwards to trigger eye control. The sensor used to react quite quickly. We laid her head straight again, the scrolling was immediately interrupted. However, when we brought the smartphone with bowed head in sensor range, then we could only scroll upwards, not downwards.

We had to recalibrate the eye control often by holding the phone aside and we just head held back from the face to the green eye icon reappeared, we ensure turn-on there again. The attached on the upper side sensor can also be used with finger gestures; the user no longer has to put the finger on the display. Alternatively, you can also trigger the scrolling by tilting the smartphone, which we found much more convenient after a long trial and error. However, all kinds of control functioned unfamiliar and perhaps therefore not always reliable. Sometimes we completely lost control of the scrolling.

Availability and Conclusion

Samsung’s list price of 730 euros for the Galaxy S4 aka GT-I9505 with 16 GB is much higher than the prices in the commercial for the launch on 27 April 2013. For most dealers costs Samsung’s new Top smartphone 650 euros. Some online retailers, there is the 16-gigabyte model already at a price of around 640 euros, the current starting price is just under 620 euros. Samsung is a great demand and keeps the market launch for possible shortages.

In principle, there is also the smartphone with 32 GB and 64 GB of internal memory. These models are listed but only a few dealers and it is not clear whether they are already available this week. The model with 32 GB will cost at least 750 euros, the 64-gigabyte version and 800 € more.


With the planned eight-core processor based on ARM architecture Big. Little the Galaxy S4 competition with long battery life could have been more clearly superior in yet a very high performance. Now it is in Germany only with a quad-core processor on the market and makes it just as easy to exceed the smartphone race cars from HTC and Sony. Although the CPU benchmarks impress,  will take on board but hardly noticeable in normal use. With the Samsung device creates a quantum leap – literally: a discrete transition, no transition.

Stuttering we have not noticed the Galaxy S4 in normal operation but only for active and apps Quick System Info AirDroid when starting and closing other applications.

Smart pause is one of the convenient features of the Galaxy S4. It shows what the additional sensors of the Galaxy S4 can be used. The eye control, however, is getting used to and because of the constantly necessary pitching more for heavy metal fans. Users only need to upgrade an S3 on Samsung’s current smartphone if they want to use the more powerful hardwareSamsung galaxy s4 parts: Galaxy s4 is easy to repair. Read more ... », because most software will be fixed for the S4 predecessor of updates.

The camera stands out clearly in functionality. It makes above-average images that show still even on large screens good details. The slow motion function is not unique, but a nice features in smartphone.

Anyway who considered themselves to create a new smart phone with good camera, the Galaxy S4 can also priced confidently consider. Who attaches great importance to performance, but can also still waiting for the eight-core variant. When that will be available in Germany, but Samsung has not yet revealed. Stay with usSamsung galaxy s4 pre order for US. Read more ... » for more galaxy s4 test.

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