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Samsung Galaxy S4 Price?

The SamsungSamsung Galaxy S4 vs HTC One. Read more ... » Galaxy S4samsung galaxy s4 rumors: Samsung Galaxy S4 cover already produced?. Read more ... » is making noise especially with regard to two issues, the timing of output and the price that will be initially applied to the device. While it is obvious the presentation of the smartphoneGalaxy S4 box made from recycled material. Read more ... » on March 14, a market the device will officially start during the first few days of April , although the ‘ Italy should not be included in the first block of countries that touch the hand device.

samsung s4

In short, everything suggests that the Samsung Galaxy S4Samsung Galaxy S4 officially on 14th March, presenting. Read more ... » arrives in Italy between the third and fourth week of April, eleven months exactly from the street to the store for his successor, the Samsung GalaxyIFIXIT: Galaxy S4 gets high marks. Read more ... » S3 . As for the price , the latest rumors have drifted away from possible decisions to “break” from the manufacturer, at a cost initially requested to purchasers of the Samsung GalaxyThe Galaxy S4 vs BlackBerry Z10 vs iPhone 5. Read more ... » S4Samsung Galaxy S4, photo taken from your smartphone?. Read more ... » equal to 699 euro.