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Samsung Galaxy S4 Map

SamsungGalaxy Mini S4 observed on Samsung mobile. Read more ... » Galaxy S4Eldar Murtazin: Galaxy S4 gets plastic housing. Read more ... » Map: Samsung is one of the largest companies in the field of mobile telephony. According to research firm IHS, the South Korean company is expected to double its lead over its competitors manufacturers of smartphonesSamsung Galaxy S4 vs Samsung Galaxy Note 2. Read more ... ». We do not know yet what market share will get Samsung.
However, it is expected that Samsung surpasses its closest rival Nokia 11%, while the 5% ahead now. She also gets at the moment 19% of market share over AppleSamsung Galaxy Note 4 - major Advantages - Defects and important things. Read more ... », knowing that in 2012, Samsung has sold 29% of smartphones in the world.

GalaxyThe Galaxy S4 vs BlackBerry Z10 vs iPhone 5. Read more ... » S4Samsung Galaxy S4, out in May confirmed by the test?. Read more ... », ensuring the success of Samsung

The Galaxy s4 presented to the public a week ago to the day should allow Samsung to gain ground and by far outstrip Nokia, which is struggling at the moment to sell its smartphones. Samsung expects to sell 100 million and Galaxy S4, and this seems a good start. Indeed, the enrollment of fans wishing to be notified of the availability of S4 were multiplied by four times the Galaxy S3, while it has already broken sales records.

Samsung seems ready to take over the smartphoneGalaxy S4 vs Galaxy Note 3: which is better?. Read more ... » market, to the detriment of its competitors like Apple or Nokia who see this a very bad eye.