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Samsung galaxy s4 for canada

Three days ago, we informed you first announced the SamsungSamsung galaxy s4 mini specs. Read more ... » Galaxy S4IFIXIT: Galaxy S4 gets high marks. Read more ... » shortage. The popular Canadian operator TelusSamsung galaxy s4 late for americans. Read more ... » announcing not being able to keep delivery times, due to excessive demand and a limited stock of S4What you should know about the Galaxy S4. Read more ... ».

He proposed that while $50 telephone credit customers who would agree to be delivered on May 10, instead of Saturday, April 27.

Shortage of the S4 Galaxy:

It seems that too few fans have responded to their offer since they offer now $ 100 credit to those who will accept to wait before having their GalaxyThe Galaxy S4 vs BlackBerry Z10 vs iPhone 5. Read more ... » S4. Of course, customers who have accepted the offer of $ 50 will be credited automatically $ 100. Those who refuse will well receive their new SmartphoneWhich 2014 smartphone is the best for gaming?. Read more ... » as soon as April 27, either in four days.

USGalaxy S4 available on April 26 in the United States. Read more ... » operator SprintSamsung galaxy s4 price in Sprint. Read more ... » is currently the same concern. While up to now possible to pre-order the S4, the operator now indicates on its website that the stock is exhausted. Fans will have to turn to other dealers or operators if they want to acquire the fastest Smartphone.

What many feared is currently happening. Galaxy S4 is already a phenomenal success, and will certainly exceed the 10 million copies sold in a month, as predicted by Samsung.

For the moment, no backorder was unveiled in FranceSamsung Galaxy S4 already in 60 countries. Read more ... », and we hope that this will not be the case. You can still pre-order the S4 in many merchants and operators, and find the bestWhich 2014 smartphone is the best for gaming?. Read more ... » prices in our comparison table.