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Samsung declear war against apple in advertisement

Last year, the company SamsungA first announced Samsung Galaxy S4 shortage. Read more ... » has spent more than $ 5.3 billion in advertising and promoting its products, including the GalaxyGalaxy S4 have microSD slot, so stop worrying about storage, Samsung states. Read more ... » Note 2 . That’s five times more than its American competitor, AppleSamsung Switch: How to use Samsung Switch ( Video ). Read more ... », who paid “only” a billion dollars in advertising.


Is it because of this that the Korean company is growing by leaps and bounds?

According Asymco, Apple and Samsung have both doubled their budget for advertising during the past four years, but Samsung Electronics is still spending more than its competitor to promote its products. However, Apple remains very vague on its sales figures and it is difficult to say whether the budget spent on advertising is a barrier to sales.

This year, Samsung has decided to make even stronger and develops a plan to $ 5 billion. Through its collaboration with Best Buy , Samsung plans to introduce in 2000 Samsung mini shops in all the United StatesSamsung galaxy s4 supply in united states. Read more ... » to promote its products. One way to beat Apple on its own grounds, just before the launch of the next iPhoneThe Samsung Galaxy always sophisticated. Read more ... ».

Called the “Samsung Experience Shop” these shops should begin to open tomorrow, for the vast majority to be deployed at the output Galaxy S4Exclusive features for European galaxy s4 buyers. Read more ... » . Customers, employees advised by Samsung, will testSamsung galaxy s4 water test. Read more ... » the vast majority of Korean devices: PDAs, computers, televisions …

Samsung declear war on apple in advertisement