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Galaxy S4: Update Android 5.0 planned

The SamsungThe Features Galaxy S4 revealed by a new benchmark. Read more ... » Galaxy S4Samsung Galaxy S4 vs iPhone 5S: comparison already decided?. Read more ... » , which will be available in late April, will run on version 4.2.2 AndroidGalaxy S4 preordered four times as compare to Galaxy S3. Read more ... » Jelly Bean but it is already expected to quickly get updated to Android 5.0. Called Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie, the operating system should also be available in a few months on other Samsung devices such as the GalaxySamsung Galaxy S4: its main features. Read more ... » SIII, the Galaxy Note Note 10.1 or 8.0.

This update to the Galaxy S4Galaxy S4: the last round up!. Read more ... » will featureThe LG Optimus G Pro steals the features of Galaxy S4. Read more ... » Samsung Orb, as we talked before the launch of the smartphoneSamsung Galaxy S4: its main features. Read more ... ». Samsung Orb called “photosphere” on the GoogleSamsung galaxy s4 vs Galaxy S4 Google Edition. Read more ... » NexusGalaxy S 4 vs HTC One vs Galaxy S3. Read more ... », can take photos in panoramic 360 °. This option is ideal for photography enthusiasts, especially the S4 Galaxy will have a Super AMOLED screen of 5 inches and a 13 megapixel cameraNew camera features of the Samsung Galaxy S4. Read more ... ». This feature, as rumors had announced, will ultimately not available right out of the Galaxy S4. It was not until the update in a few months to Key Lime Pie to enjoy.


No official date has been announced for the official presentation of Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie. However, rumors suggest the possibility of a presentation in mid-May, more exactly between 15 and 17 May in San Francisco at the developer conference Google I / O.